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The Municipality of Maramag is in one with the Nation in celebrating the 39th NUTRITION MONTH ( July 2013 ) with the Theme: " Gutom at malnutrisyon, sama-sama nating wakasan! "

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SOCA 2011


Delivered by Honorable Alicia Paulican-Resus during the

Culmination Program of the International Children’s Month Celebration,

October 18, 2011


To our ever active and dynamic Vice-Mayor, Honorable Jose V. Obedencio;

To our equally competent Members of the Sangguniang Bayan who interminably watch over the wellbeing of our constituents;

Our pro-active partners in the 20 Barangays, the Punong Barangays and members of their respective Council;

The vigilant enforcers of freedom of expression, the members of the press and radio clubs;

Representatives of the Civil Society and Private Organizations, Heads of different offices, other local leaders; and those who have been active in the pursuit of the betterment of Maramag; Parents, Teachers, Students, Friends, Children of Maramag….

Maayong Buntag!

I am delighted to welcome everyone to this National Children’s Day Celebration. A special welcome to the children in which reason we are gathered here today.

If I am to be asked why we need to join in celebrating the National Children’s Day, my answer is certainly because it is and for always be our strong conviction that the bright future of Maramag lies in the hands of today’s children.


Today is the most perfect day to celebrate “childhood” and let the future generation have its say. It is not only the finest time to give reasons to show our love and care to our children but also reminds us to be always committed towards their welfare and provide proper guidance in realizing their dreams and aspirations in life.


Allow me to inspire you with the unique act of heroism done by a certain 12-year old young girl in the name of Janela Arcos Lelis of Albay.


When typhoon “Juaning” caused destructions in Albay on July 26, 2011, the young girl Janela boldly risked her life to save, not a single life, but amazingly, the Philippine Flag from being consumed by the flood. Janela endured the heavy run flow of the water to retrieve the flag from their home after her older brother, Edcel being the color officer of the Citizen’s Army Training in Malinao National High School asked her to do so.


In recent history, it was the only recorded instance of a person risking life and limb for the national flag, which made Janela being praised by the whole nation for her heroic deed.


The courage and selflessness of Janela testifies as to what Filipino Youth can do when given the opportunity as also attested through the act of service by other young people. To take for example, an 8-year old Rona Mahilum of Negros Occidental had saved her siblings from their burning home; Boy Scout Aris Canoy Espinosa of Lanao del Norte, who gave his life to shield other children from a grenade explosion; and Roderick Flores, a fourth year high school student at Don Basco Mandaluyong who died after saving his friends from drowning.


Instances like these really inspire us to sustain and strengthen our push towards attaining better and promising place for our children in Maramag. In that way, we can confidently mold our own young heroes in the locality. This day, we will magnify our personal commitment to act as the most potent and active protectors of the future generations.


          “The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there has not been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.” – Pablo Casals


          Every child is a unique and wonderful creation of God. They too possess vital innate rights as guaranteed and uphold by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) because they need and deserve special protection and care. The CRC encourages each country to be actively involved in defending the welfare of the world’s children and promotes collective responsibility in the upliftment and development of the children’s potentials regardless of race and status in the community.


          In our level, we need to assess as to how far we have gone in our effort to become an effective custodians and defenders on the rights of the children of Maramag. Are we more than willing to commit ourselves for the better future of our children? I know we cannot just run away from the basic point that the best and most effective place to start the development of a child is still in our own backyard; our own home, in our own family.


          The Local Government Unit of Maramag under my stewardship has been persistent in extending full backing to the Municipal Council for the Protection and Welfare of Women and Children (MCPWWC). In its effort to provide the innate Rights of the Child, we had vowed our full scale support to the Child Friendly Movement, wherein 3 barangays were then piloted as the Child-Friendly Barangays; these are the Barangay Dologon, Base Camp and North Poblacion.




I am deeply conveying my wholehearted thanks to commendable accomplishments of the different offices primarily tasked to look over our children’s welfare. As such, we had vigorously provided the basic services to guarantee the four (4) fundamental and indivisible rights of the children of Maramag to survival, development, protection and participation.


  1. v


The survival rights cover a child right to life and the needs that are most basic to existence.


We have been fervent in strengthening safety measures to provide safeguard for the children’s right to life and existence particularly those coming from the poor families in the economically backward areas. The Municipal Health Office (MHO) under the supervision of Dr. Evangeline Revilla is mandated to play a pivotal role in the provision of services which assure the rights of every child in the municipality for survival.


The Annual Health Accomplishment of the Municipal Health Office (MHO) for CY 2010 shows a high level of performance in terms of the delivery of Health and Nutrition programs and services to include Maternal Care, Child Care, Exclusive Breastfeeding, Immunization and Environmental Sanitation. Likewise, we are known for properly sustaining the Newborn Screening Program in the municipality. This is a program which identifies early congenital metabolic disorder of newborn babies that if not properly cured may lead into mental retardation. As of CY 2010, data shows that we had actually screened and served 1,715 Newborn babies of which only 18 or 1.05% was identified to be having deficiency in Glucose-6-Phosphate-Dehydrogenase (G6PD) and the rest were normal. Those that were detected with deficiency were subjected for recall and advised to undergo confirmatory test with specialists and were given appropriate medication, thus, avoid serious illness.


Moreover, the report on the “Operation Timbang” of the Municipal Nutrition Office (MNO) shows an increasing number of the children-client covered by the said program. The number of children who were actually weighed and served had reached to 14,958 for Calendar Year 2010. Of the total number of children actually weighed, 14,732 or 98% was recorded in Normal Weight Status. There were 199 or 1.3% underweight children prevalent in barangays of La Roxas, Danggawan and Kiharong, a meager of 2 or .01% Severely Underweight in barangay Dologon and Tubigon and 25 or 0.16% overweight children dominant in barangay San Miguel, Camp I and Dagumbaan.


In our bid to significantly improve the nutritional status of the children of Maramag, we envision to lessen the number of malnourished children through the conduct of a Supplemental Feeding Program. As of CY 2010, we had provided food assistance to 221 children throughout the municipality. Also worthy to mention is the creditable feat of various NGO’s, PO’s and CSO’s which had conducted feeding activities in support to this program to include Coca-cola Bottlers, Inc.; PTCA, HAPAG-ASA, Dep.Ed, GPTCA, Maramag Eagles Club, DAVCO, PSWDO/PNC, Women’s Desk, Julies Bakeshoppe, Crystal Sugar Company Inc., Canossa, Pondo ng Pinoy Foundation and Dole- Dagumbaan.


Last year, we had spearheaded the conduct of NUTRITION MONTH CELEBRATION through our Municipal Nutrition Action Officer, Ms. Catalina Estrada. The whole municipality significantly celebrated the Nutrition Month for the whole duration of July and was inspired by the theme “Sa Pagkaing Tama at Sapat, Wastong Timbang ni Baby and Katapat”. There was an evaluation conducted to determine the Nutritional Status of the twenty (20) Barangays which was actively participated by our Hon. Vice Mayor, Sangguniang Bayan Members and me as your Mayor.


The celebration was highlighted with various competitions such as Search for Mrs. Nutrition, Cooking, Food Display, Poster Making, Folk Dance, Search for Healthiest Baby, and Quiz Bowl Contests. Just this year (2011 Evaluation), Maramag was ranked 3rd on the Evaluation for the Search on Healthy Municipalities who were Implementing Nutrition Action Plans with Barangay Panalsalan got the 3rd place on the Search for the Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholars Implementing Nutrition Plans.


It is otherwise commendable to note that the municipality had successfully instituted 20 Barangay Health Stations and Nutrition Posts, one in every barangay throughout the municipality. Rural Health Midwives (RHM), Barangay Health Workers (BHW) and Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) were however deployed in different barangays to cater the pressing health needs of the people in the community and monitor the nutritional status of children especially those from far-flung areas. As of CY 2010, there are 248 Barangay Health Workers and 23 Barangay Nutrition Scholars assigned in the 20 barangays of Maramag. As such, we had allocated honoraria from the municipal coffer for BHW and BNS for FY 2010 in the amount of P 660,000.00 and P 155,600.00 respectively.






The following activities were conducted by the Health and Nutrition Workers in the barangay, viz:


  1. General weighing of children (Operation Timbang)
  2. Motivation and follow-up of children for immunization
  3. Motivation and follow-up of pregnant woman for their regular pre-natal care
  4. Sputum collection of TB symptomatic
  5. Treatment partner of TB DOTS Patients
  6. Participation in the establishment and maintenance of Rural Vegetable Garden
  7. Monthly weighing of 0-16 months and severely and moderately children
  8. Assist in Clean and Green activities
  9. Conduct survey for family planning and helps in the motivation of Couple for their method of choice
  10. Survey of Iodized Salt usage
  11. MBN Survey
  12. Assist in Purok Household/ Mother classes
  13. Toilet Survey
  14. Fluoride application to elementary school children
  15. Assist in giving Vitamin A to Pre-school children
  16. Assist in deworming of pre-school children
  17. Dengue survey
  18. Reports to BHS for scheduled duty
  19. Assist in barangay activities as requested


With these sustained development programs and initiatives promoting children’s right to survival; indicators such as infant mortality rates, weight and height-for-age of schoolchildren, morbidity rates for both mothers and infants, and the life expectancy of infants at birth have been so far better off.




Among the special recognitions awarded to the municipality concerning health and nutrition services are as follows:


  1. CERTIFICATE OF APRECIATION TO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNIT OF MARAMAG, IT’S HEALTH UNIT AND BARANGAYS for active participation and magnanimous support in CASE SURVEILLANCE AND HEALTH INFORMATION which have immensely contributed to the LYMPHATIC FILARIASIS ELIMINATION PROGRAM IN BUKIDNON. Given this 24th day of June 2010 at Kaamulan Amphitheater, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.




  1. MAPANGHIKAYAT AWARD. Given to LGU Maramag last July 23, 2010 at Grand Caprice, Limketkai Drive, Cagayan de Oro City in grateful recognition for the municipality’s unwavering support and contribution in the promotion of Voluntary Blood Donation, for the achievement of the vision of RA 7719, “The National Blood Services Act of 1994”.


  1. GARANTISADONG PAMBATA (GP) CHAMP AWARD. Given to Maramag Municipal Health Office (MHO) last April 13, 2010 at Malaybalay City in recognition of the municipality’s effort in prioritizing the health of the children by exemplary delivery of basic health services thru the Garantisadong Pambata Campaign contributing to improved child survival.


  1. v


Development rights include what children require to reach their fullest potential specifically the right to education. Generally, at the start of a very young age, children learn to develop and use their mental, moral and physical powers, which they acquire through various types of education.


The government, therefore, has the responsibility to provide equal opportunities for everyone to develop each one’s human capacities, most specifically for the generation to come, the children of today.


“Support for Education” has always been placed on top of the priority lists on my Development Agenda, thus, the Education sector is given much attention. For the Annual Budget FY 2010, we have programmed through the Special Education Fund the total amount of 4.5 million pesos which will cover primarily the outlined programs and projects as well as activities of both the elementary and secondary public schools in the three Districts of Maramag.


As always, we are prompt in providing for the Personal Services of the teachers of four public secondary schools (annexes) including the district’s maintenance and other operating expenses. The Alternative Learning System (Non Formal Education) was a recipient of budgetary allocation in support for the operations and programs covering Accreditation and Equivalency, Basic Literacy Program, Livelihood (Baking and Handicraft), Barangay Action on Literacy Eradication (BAILE), Barangay Reading Program for Out-of-School (BARPO) Adults and A & E Literacy Service Delivery System.


Moreover, let me convey my sincere commendation to the Maramag delegation for hosting the Division Schools Press Conference 2010 which was held at Bukidnon National School of Home Industries (BNSHI) and Maramag Central Elementary School (MCES) last September 23-25, 2010 which garnered several awards both in Sports and Academic fields.


To manage the increasing number of our school children and to address the ever increasing classroom backlogs, the Provincial Government had poured in budget allocation for the construction of the new 1 unit- one classroom building for Bangkal Elementary School, La Roxas and another 1 unit- two classrooms building for San Roque HS for CY 2010 through the funding support of the Provincial Government. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Rejynne Mary L. Ruiz – District I, Mr. Allan Glen Melendez – District II, Dr. Robinson S. Sarominez – District III, Dr. Cynthia Abucayan and Ms. Ivonne Catli.


Furthermore, we continue reinforcing our drive in LGU’s commitment to “Education for All” Program especially those who are underserved children. To this date, we already have 63 Public Day Care Centers in the 20 barangays. On this milestone, we are very much thankful to Mrs. Luzvilla Moreno and other key players both in government and private sectors who had supported many of our programs and projects on education.


The education in the municipality is complemented by the presence of the LGU managed Technical- Vocational School, the Maramag Polytechnic College (MAPOC) through the efficient supervision of Mr. Ferdinand R. Roque where our deserving and highly motivated students though constrained financially are given world-class education in lieu of the fast mounting world standard and demand for skilled workers here and abroad. The school has been offering options for the students to engage in Automotive Servicing, Building Wiring Electrician, Consumer Electronics Servicing, Food Processing, Health Care Services and Welding courses. For the School Year 2009-2010, there are recorded 228 numbers of enrollee for the different programs offered.


The increasing number of the Out-of-school (OSY) youth in the municipality is also given utmost consideration. With this, we had spearheaded the conduct of the Alay Lakad 2010, in which amount that has been raised was utilized for income-generating projects, scholarship grants, leadership training and cultural activities of the bonafide out-of-school youths in the locality. Along this undertaking is the Practical Skills Development Program under the MSWDO, where it provides training to 60 Out-of-school youths for CY 2010 on photographic silk screen printing, food processing, beauty culture and detergent powder, dishwashing liquid and fabric conditioner making of which fund was taken out from the Alay Lakad Funds in the amount of Php 20,000.




  1. PLAQUE OF RECOGNITION TO MUNICIPAL MAYOR. In grateful appreciation for her unstinted support as partner in the implementation of the programs, projects and activities of DepEd Division of Bukidnon which promote the welfare and development of the children in the Province of Bukidnon for SY 2009-2010.


  1. PLAQUE OF COMMENDATION TO MUNICIPAL MAYOR. In grateful recognition as host of the 2010 Division of Bukidnon School Press Conference held on September 23-24-25, 2010. Given on the 25th day of September 2010 at Maramag, Bukidnon.


  1. PLAQUE OF RECOGNITION TO MUNICIPAL MAYOR. In grateful acknowledgement and sincere appreciation for her deep sense of commitment and selfless support in the improvement of the district which led to awards received in various competitions and successful implementation of DepEd thrusts and programs. Given on the 17th day of December 2010 at Maramag Central Elementary School.


  1. WINNERS DURING THE DIVISION SCHOOLS PRESS CONFERENCE 2010 held at Bukidnon National School of Home Industries High School and Maramag Central Elementary School (MCES) on September 23-25, 2010.




Protection rights require that children be safeguarded against all forms of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


To uphold our deep commitment of ensuring the rights and protection of women and children in our municipality, the Municipal Council for the Protection and Welfare of Women and Children (MCPWWC) Incorporating Early Childhood Care and Development was reorganized and strengthened through Executive Order No. 3, series 2010 that shall pursue programs and mechanisms relating to the development and protection of women and children following the context of the Constitution and other existing laws.






Among the accomplishments of the MCPWWC based on its Plan of Action for CY 2010 which enforce the protection of children and women include the Updating of the Municipal Development Plan for Women, Children and Youth; Strict Implementation of Municipal and Barangay Ordinances Imposing Curfew Hours on Minors; Maintain the Operation of Child Youth Relation Section and a Separate Minor Temporary Shelter for Male and Female Youth Offenders; Sustained Assistance to Children Victims of Rabies; Requires Barangay Councils to Adopt and Implement Ordinance on Stray Animals and Anti-rabies Control; Conduct Symposia on Drug Abuse Prevention, Rehabilitation and Treatment and other lined- activities promoting and protecting the rights of children and women in Maramag.


Furthermore, in establishing updated and effective monitoring on the situation of children at the barangay level, we are enforcing for the reorganization and activation of the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC). The BCPC’s are our grassroots monitoring structures looking after the welfare of the children. They will assume a great role being watchers for abuse cases and apprehension of minors violating the curfew. To this date, there are 20 BCPC’s organized in the twenty (20) barangays in Maramag.

The Local Government Unit of Maramag through our Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) under the management of Ms. Luzvilla B. Moreno has been consistent in our strive to reach out those brethren whom we consider the most vulnerable sector of our society; the Women, the Elderly and giving emphasis to the Children who have been through Especially Difficult Circumstances (ECD). We had accorded various interventions, programs and services for Children in Need of Special Protection (CNSP) which include Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL), Neglected, Sexually and Physically Abused Children for CY 2010.


          In cases of Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL), we had provided interventions to Eleven (11) delinquent youths through Community Based Services for Delinquent Youth (CBSDY) Program which direct them to a more gainful and productive activities such as “Pahina”, Tree Planting, Street Cleaning and other voluntary works, thus, prevent them from entering the Juvenile Justice System. Proper monitoring on the development of the Community Based Diversion and Prevention Program (CBDPP) issued by the court was also conducted to one (1) CICL who had availed the program because he had acted with discernment and since the offense he has committed is not punishable by reclusion perpetua.






We also have assisted nine (9) Children in Conflict with the Law and sexually abused/ exploited children in filing a case with the escort of Women and Children Protection Desk, Police Non-Commissioned Officer PO3 Bienvenida Estibal and facilitated for their availment of Legal Assistance. Three (3) youth offenders have benefitted the Special Social Services for the Youth Offender (SSSYO) Program through the provision of social work intervention such as Livelihood and Practical Skills Training. The social welfare officer undertook preliminary background investigation of the juveniles, prepared and submitted social case study reports.


Residential Care and Child Protection Services were also offered to children who are neglected, sexually and physically abused. A number of nine (9) in-residents were accommodated in our 24 hour Crisis Intervention Center for Women and Children residential facility. They have been served with special social services such as protective custody, counseling and medical assistance in CY 2010. Furthermore, we had actually rescued one (1) abused child and provided intervention because his parents were unable to give protection this child needs.


To help the victims easily cope up with the trauma caused by the abuses being experienced, Psychological Recovery and Social Reintegration Program (PRSRP) was extended to thirty four (34) sexually abused and exploited children through special social services such as protective custody, child and family casework and counseling, medical and legal assistance, and practical skills training.


          For Peace and Order, it has always been our aspiration to have generally well-balanced society so that we can provide healthy and sound development for our children in Maramag. The Maramag Police Force through the direct supervision of PCI Linoraldo M. Torres of which station was located at North Poblacion is primarily tasked to act as prime movers in maintaining and promoting harmony and security in our community. To support their routinary operations, the Local Government Unit has appropriated an amount of Php 883,400.00 for its Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and another P 40,000.00 support for its IT Equipment as of FY 2010.


The Annual Accomplishment Report of the Maramag Police Station (MPS) shows the generally peaceful and orderly situation of the town for the reference period. Through the diligent effort of the Maramag Police Force, other local and national agencies concerned on the peace and order situation in the community, the municipality recorded to have not threatened by terrorists and any other lawless activities. They were able to maintain efforts in the campaign against terrorism within the Area of Responsibility through discreet surveillance and monitoring in coordination with military counterparts and Barangay Info Net (BIN).



Despite manpower backlog, the Crime Solution Efficiency on the reference year recorded a rate of 53.14% which indicates a good level of performance by our law enforcers in the locality.


Aside from these, the Maramag Police Station was able to conduct several trainings and activities concerning community relations, to wit;


  1. Public Safety Senior Leadership Course
  2. Train the Trainers Seminar
  3. Barangay Tanod Refresher Seminar at Barangay San Roque, Anahawon, San Miguel, Base Camp, Kisanday, Kiharong and North Poblacion
  4. Conducted Lecture on Drugs to Children in Conflict with the Law and Minor Victims
  5. Conducted Demand Reduction Program (Drug Symposium) at BNSHI
  6. Conducted Seminar on Illegal Drugs particularly on RA 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002) to Children in Conflict with the Law
  7. Assist Medical and Dental Missions.
  8. Conducted Crime Prevention Seminar at Central Mindanao University.
    1. Assist Bloodletting activity conducted by the Local Government Unit and Rural Health Unit headed by Dr. Evangeline C. Revilla.
    2. Assist students of Bukidnon National School of Home Industries during their JS Promenade last February 23, 2010 at the Municipal Gymnasium.
    3. Assist the 3-day Summer League of Youths of the 20 barangays last May 19-21, 2010 held at the Municipal Gymnasium.
    4. Participated in the Operation Baklas of different posters, tarpaulin and streamers of the different candidates during the 2010 election




  1. TWENTY TWO (22) PNP PERSONNEL OF MARAMAG POLICE STATION received Letter of Commendation acknowledging their laudable achievement for having been adjudged as Number 1 in the unit Performance Evaluation Rating

for 1st and 2nd quarters of Calendar Year 2010.


  1. MEDALYA NG PAPURI is awarded to TWENTY TWO PNP PERSONNEL OF MARAMAG POLICE STATION for having demonstrated exemplary efficiency, loyalty, and devotion to duty during the successful police operation against illegal drugs.





  1. PO3 TERESITA L. MANEJERO was recommended by the Bukidnon Police “Policewoman of the Philippines 2010” sponsored by PNP, Zonta Club of Makati Paseo de Roxas and ARMSCOR Philippines aims to recognize the Outstanding Individual Achievements of Policewomen in uniform in their place of assignment or unit.




Participation rights allow children to take an active role in their communities and political life.


The Philippine Constitution strongly recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation-building. Thus, the state is mandated to promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being. Further, it shall inculcate in the youth patriotism and nationalism and encourage their involvement in public and civic affairs. In light of this, section 423 of the Constitution states the creation of Sangguniang Kabataan in every barangay in which primary objective is to enhance the social, political, economic, cultural, intellectual and physical development of the youth in the country.


The Sangguniang Kabataan in Maramag as youth council is actively involved in the crafting of development plans and legislative procedure in the government. As such, they were given chance to share their intelligent opinion and was properly represented in the following special bodies, to name:


  1. Municipal Council for the Protection and Welfare of Women and Children (MCPWWC)
  2. Municipal School Board (MSB)
  3. Municipal Watershed Protection and Management Council (MWPMC)
  4. Municipal Nutrition Committee (MNC)


The Local Government Unit of Maramag through its SK Federation has allocated budget to fund several youth-oriented activities as follows:


  1. Green Brigade (Tree Planting and Cleanliness Drive)
  2. Anti-Drug Symposia conducted in 20 Barangays
  3. Voters Education Seminar
  4. SK Summer League done every Summertime through our Sports Development Program





Another appropriate way of encouraging participation among young minds to engage themselves into various children-related activities and contests, introduce the right kind of knowledge and give them the freedom to enjoy is through the conduct of International Children’s Month Celebration every year so that they can grow healthy and educated citizens of the country.


The Local Government Unit spearheaded the Culmination Program of the International Children’s Month Celebration last October 21, 2010 under the theme “Kung Bright Child ang Gusto, Mundo’y Ingatan Mo” which was held at the Municipal Gymnasium. The occasion was underscored with the delivery of the State of the Children’s Address (SOCA) which I delivered before the audience stressing out the importance on the role of parents in upholding the rights and welfare of today’s children. The said activity was participated by our Day Care Children and Maramag Central Elementary School Pupils. Different competitions were also highlighted during the event, viz;

  1. Draw and Tell
  2. Singing Contest
  3. Tula
  4. Modern Dance




          Children enjoyed their right to participation in different community activities such as:

  1. Araw ng Maramag Celebration (July 1, 2010)
  2. 112th Celebration of Philippine Independence Day
  3. 114th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal
  4. Environmental Consciousness Month Celebration
  5. Alay Lakad 2010
  6. Nutrition Month Celebration














What I have just presented to you indeed manifests our commitment and emancipation of the rights and welfare of the children of Maramag. Hence, I am encouraging everyone to share significant contribution in continuing our struggle to become a safer haven for our future generations- our children in Maramag.


          Our bid to become a Child Friendly Municipality has been round for a considerable number of years, and since then, we had paid so much attention for programs and development interventions in support to this gallant endeavor. In fact, we are with deep pride announcing that our municipality was adjudged as 2nd runner up on Child Friendly Municipality for CY 2009 (1st to 3rd Class Municipality Category) for our exemplary performance in the delivery of basic services that redound to the promotion of welfare and development of the children in Maramag. This was given on December 6, 2010 during the Convocation Program held at Malaybalay City.


This recognition is also attributed with our effective linkages and coordination with NGO’s, PO’s and other private organizations/institutions which greatly contributed for the success of the movement. Today is also the day to show our honest appreciation for the noble tasks they do in preparing our children for the days ahead.


          With these developments taking place in the municipality, I am asking you to go along with me on this quest. I know very well that the journey towards this direction is tough and tricky, but with your genuine support every step of the way, I am in comfort projecting for a better and brighter future of our young minds.


          Children should have always a special place in our daily lives, in the activities of the government and programs of welfare organizations. The theme for this celebration “Local Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC) Para sa Bright Child: Pakilusin, Palakasin, Pagtulungan Natin” encourages us to move and intensify our drive towards the best interests of children through good local governance.


          To the Members of the Sanggunian Bayan, the tough legions behind every commendable legislation that made Maramag one of the safest and progressive havens in the entire region;


          The adept man of action and protector of the people, Vice Mayor Jose V. Obedencio, standing always by our side give me vigor, strength and assurance that Maramag will and always be in safer hands;




Vice Gov. Nonoy “Joe” Zubiri, Congressman Joey Zubiri and then Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, the honor and privilege to be under your leadership is incomparable. The best way to make you feel our heartfelt thanks for the unwavering support you had extended to this administration is to let the people experience and enjoy the fruit of success brought about by the progress and development of our beloved Maramag.


Most of all, my heartfelt gratitude goes to the people of Maramag from whom I have drawn courage and foresight for development…


As we celebrate Children’s Day today, there is no better time to commit ourselves- individually and collectively- to the task of building a better future for our children. Yet, let us always be reminded of the fact that the main responsibility and obligation for children still lies with our parents who will do everything to take care of their offsprings. Let us therefore make every child a bright child.