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The Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS) operations for 2023 were successfully carried out by the Municipality of Maramag’s Business Processing and Licensing Division from January 3–20, 2023. This activity entails the cooperative participation of all offices in the processing of business license applications through a streamlined and integrated process, saving the client’s time and effort to get their licences in a matter of hours. This was accomplished by strategically locating all involved offices in one location to aid in the efficient flow of paperwork. Additionally, it aims to hasten the processing of licenses for people or enterprises doing business within the municipality.

Under the BOSS, the fastest a client could complete the processing of business permit is less than thirty minutes provided all the needed requirements are presented. According to Mr. Rouil Asok, Business Permit and Licensing Officer, he said that business operators were given ample time since December 2022 last year to comply their requirements in advance (ex. Health card).

If a client has all the required documents, there are only three steps in renewal of business permits. First is accomplishing the Business Permit Unified Form and verification of documents, second is the computation of business tax and regulatory fees as well as payment and third (final step) is the issuance of business permit.

For business operators who have yet to comply the stipulated requirements, offices under the LGU as well as national line agencies are found at the venue of the BOSS.

Seven offices under the LGU have personnel assigned at the venue to accommodate clients. These include the Local Economic Enterprise Office, Office of the Building Official, Municipal Planning and Development Office, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office, Municipal Health Office, Municipal Treasurer Office, and the Bureau of Fire Protection.

2,534 business permits and 573 Motorela permits totaling 3,107 permits had been processed as of January 20, 2023, generating a total revenue of Php. 35,259,183.64. The business registrants also praised and commended the very quick processing of their permits, which, if deemed to be following the standard requirements, can receive their permits in as short timeframe within 1-3 hours.

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